Education & Development Ministries

Education & Development Ministries The primary goal of this ministry is to facilitate curriculum development and training to support the vision of Kingdom Mission Ministries. It has the following core responsibilities: Curriculum development for the following ministries:

  • Ministry Specific Training
  • Community support and Education
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Membership Assimilation
  • Ordination/Elevation Prep
  • This ministry involves periodic support of other ministries in the aspect of training on an as needed basis to assist as requested by the Senior Pastor. In addition, it has the core responsibility for developmental training.

    Helps Ministry

    This ministry consists of the following departments: :

  • Ushers/Greeters
  • Pastor’s Aides
  • Hospitality
  • Decorum

    Outreach Ministry

    The vision of the outreach ministry is to develop a ministry that reaches out to the lost, the hurting, the sick, the undereducated, the underserved and the least among us, while effectively training and developing believers in the area of Evangelism through different communication platforms. The outreach ministry will implement and maintain effective processes to follow up with first-time visitors and develop outreach programs to meet the basic needs of the community, network with other organizations with outreach efforts that will help to impact the community in a positive manner.

    Marketing Ministry

    Vision: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by all means of media, and in the interim, share the love of this Church. We will accomplish this by exploring innovative means of reaching the churched and unchurched which include but not limited to the radio, print, internet, interactive communication technology-based platforms, and all appropriate social media platforms. Our goal is to understand where people are hurting most and to minister to those needs right where they are. The marketing ministry will help to develop effective processes to acquire new membership while maintaining current membership of our church

    Men’s Ministry

    Vision: The Kingdom Mission’s Men’s Ministry will instruct, encourage and equip men to grow in their relationships with God and their relationships as husbands, fathers, brothers and sons. This ministry will build strong men by organizing, planning, preparing and conducting various outreach programs to men, in order to develop men of integrity that will become an integral part of the brotherhood at KMM, through demonstrated actions of charity, acceptance, and unity.

    Women’s Ministry

    Vision: We endeavor to reach women from all walks of life with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to inspire women to walk faithfully, abundantly, and victoriously with God while embracing the call of God upon their lives. This ministry endeavors to facilitate diamonds in the rough, and produce God fearing brave and virtuous women. This is accomplished by implementing programs that will educate and motivate women into being best self. Conducting various outreach programs in order to develop programs that will become an integral part of the sisterhood at KMM, through demonstrated actions of charity, acceptance and unity.

    Singles Ministry

    Vision: To enhance the lives of single women by empowering them to be healthy and whole as they wait for a life partner. This is accomplished through enrichment programs, seminars, book clubs, singles night, mentoring programs and other educational tools. This collaborative effort will be conducted via technology platforms and in person sessions as needed.

    Youth Ministries

    The purpose of the Kingdom Mission Youth Ministry is to empower our Youth with a thorough understanding of who Jesus Christ really is, why He came into the world, and why He loves them. Our goal is to provide each youth a spiritual foundation that is necessary to develop a personal relationship with Jesus while engaging them on a level that they understand and appreciate. This group consists of the following ministries: :

  • Generation KM-(Kingdom Minded)
  • Kingdom Kid’s Church
  • Angel Care Program

    Project Management Ministries

    Vision: To assist the Pastors in perfecting the events held or hosted by Kingdom Mission Ministries. We are committed to establishing a vehicles and tool that produces a ministry of excellence. This ministry/committee will assist the Pastor in bringing forth the vision of the church and will also organize and plan church events and work closely with the other ministries of the church as needed.

    Kingdom Mission Marriage Enrichment Ministry

    The vision of this ministry is for the enrichment, establishment and development of the marriage relationship; through edification, unification and sanctification of the husband and wife AS ONE. The purpose of this ministry is to develop an effective outreach program designed to strengthen the relationship between husbands and wives. The goal of this ministry is:
    1. To promote the spiritual enrichment of the Holy covenant between husbands and wives via marriage counselling, retreats, conferences, and marriage enrichment events.
    2. Development of programs that promote unity of the marriage relationship within our church and local community. (Outreach type programs include dinners, day cruises, couples fellowship)
    3. Develop educational program that provides the tools, resources, and avenues to strengthen the marriage. (Workbooks, seminars, guest speakers, books)
    4. Provide spiritual guidance, and Godly wisdom that promote and create an atmosphere of unity within the family (guidance, Q/A sessions)
    What does it mean to be joined “AS ONE?”
    A – Always put God first.
    S – Support each other in all you do.
    O – One mind, one body, one soul.
    N – Never doubt what God has joined together.
    E – Everlasting love for each other.

    Contact Information

    Kingdom Mission Ministries 7th Day
    3512 Clarcona Rd
    Apopka, Florida 32703

    (407) 844-9106


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    11:00am – Sabbath School
    11:30am – Sabbath Worship Service

    7:00pm – Word Elevation Bible Study

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